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When we entered the Colonels sitting-room at Nerots, we found the waiter engaged in extending the table. We are a larger party than I expected, our host said. I met my brother Brian on horseback leaving cards at that great house in Street

The Russian Embassy, says Mr. Honeyman, who knew the town quite well. strap on toys

And he said he was disengaged, and would dine with us, continues the Colonel.

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Am I to understand, Colonel Newcome, says Mr. Frederick Bayham, that you are related to the eminent banker, Sir Brian Newcome, who gives such uncommonly swell parties in Park Lane?

What is a swell party? asks the Colonel, laughing. I dined with my brother last Wednesday; and it was a very grand dinner certainly. The Governor-General himself could not give a more splendid entertainment. But, do you know, I scarcely had enough to eat? I dont eat side dishes; and as for the roast beef of Old England, why, the meat was put on the table and whisked away like Sanchos inauguration feast at Barataria. We did not dine till nine oclock. I like a few glasses of claret and a cosy talk after dinner; but well, well(no doubt the worthy gentleman was accusing himself of telling tales out of school and had come to a timely repentance). Our dinner, I hope, will be different. Jack Binnie will take care of that. That fellow is full of anecdote and fun. You will meet one or two more of our service; Sir Thomas de Boots, who is not a bad chap over a glass of wine; Mr. Pendenniss chum, Mr. Warrington, and my nephew, Barnes Newcome a dry fellow at first, but I dare say he has good about him when you know him; almost every man has, said the good-natured philosopher. Clive, you rogue, mind and be moderate with the champagne, sir!

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